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1KM walk

lieu Warsaw, Pologne
maître d'ouvrage City of Warsaw
maître d'oeuvre LDA x Julien Cuppari x Luc Pape x Thomas Walter
programme projet urbain de requalification de l'axe est-ouest de Varsovie
statut concours 2014

After World War 2, Warsaw has been developed parallel to the Wisla River. Mostly driven by roads, the North/South development cut the city of Warsaw into vertical stripes. Each stripe hosts specific topics distributed from North to South.Even close to each other, all the areas seem to be disconnected by uncrossable roads making them unavailable for the pedestrians to reach. As a result the walker simply can’t meet the stripes’ hotspots.

The exception is the Saxon Axis which links some of the hotspots from East to West through green public spaces. Unfortunately, roads keep cutting appart the Axis, preventing the connection from really happening.
Warsaw needs today a strong identity which human scale helps the users to understand and benefit from offered urban spaces.

The project proposes to link the actual hotspots and create new areas through the existing “stripes”, using the Saxon Axis as a starter. The promenade is consistent : the pedestrians can understand the city scale.
The new-extended Saxon Axis offers a 4KM / 1 HOUR promenade from East to West and links the major city areas -historical, actual and future- while crossing the Wisla River.
The Axis is densified with public equipments, new housings, offices and public facilities to make it a new linear centrality.
The length of the axis has been chosen for its strength to answer a city need but also for its simple use: a pedestrian can safely cross Warsaw from East to West in less than one hour.
The route through the city of Warsaw preserves the pedestrian scale to nd balance between centrality and locality.